I have a fascination for storytelling, poetry and the interplay between words and objects.
In my work I dive into the world of everyday object and observe and play with their ‘’rules’’ and interpretations. For me, it is all about exploring the amazing potential of the ordinary objects we surround ourselves by and finding new shapes and silhouettes that are hidden in our daily lives.


12 April - 24 May 2019
TIMELINE (2) - 30 jaar Kunstenaars Vereniging Flevoland
Provinciehuis, Lelystad, NL


2019     Fototentoonstelling 30 jaar Kunstenaars Vereniging Flevoland, Almere, NL
2018     (re)semblance: selected works, De Nieuwe Bibliotheek, Almere, NL
2018     Art=ARTIS with MOAM Amsterdam, ARTIS Royal Zoo, Amsterdam, NL
2018     The CLASH Show, FASHIONCLASH Festival, Maastricht, NL
2018     Pursuit of Motion, Studio Kura, Itoshima, JP
2018     (re)semblance, AIR-Yamanashi, Kofu, JP
2018     MADE WITH LOVE, De Nieuwe Bibliotheek, Almere, NL
2017     Common Ground, Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven, NL
2017     ArtEZ FINALS Graduation Show, ArtEZ University of the Arts, Arnhem, NL
2016     Transit/ion, Showroom Arnhem, Arnhem, NL
2016     Hybrids Manufacture of Desire, Showroom Arnhem, Arnhem, NL
2015     Please Obese Food Design, Coming Soon, Arnhem, NL
2015     Expo Keramikos, NCI/Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, Amsterdam, NL
2014     Expo Keramische Vaardigheden, Keramikos, Haarlem, NL


2018     Studio Kura, Itoshima, Japan
2018     AIR-Yamanashi (AIR-Y), Kofu, Japan


2013 - 2017
Bachelor Product Design
ArtEZ University of the Arts, Arnhem, NL

August - December 2016
Internship at Knitwear Lab
Almere, NL