Fast-fashion deconstruction

2016    installation

A collaboration with designer Jelijn Verhoeven, for the exhibition Transit/ion in Arnhem (NL).

The fashion blogger has an interesting role in the world of Fast Fashion. In Youtube videos, the blogger shows his or her newest purchases and cheap bargains from certain stores to thousands of viewers. By doing so, the blogger encourages his viewers to go to those stores and do their own purchases.
We saw the group of bloggers as a real community, with their own language and behaviour. They have a characteristic way of speaking and acting, which we found intriguing.
Our goal was to start a countermovement as an addition to the existing movement of bloggers. We deconstructed certain characteristics of the blogger: from their vocabulary and non-verbal acts to the cheap purchases consisting of various clothes and accessories that they present to their viewers. In order to display our findings, we created a virtual laboratory in which we filmed all our experiments.

photos taken at the exhibition Transit/ion in Arnhem, the Netherlands.
stills from the short videos made to accompany the installation.