2018    project made during the Artist in Residence at AIR-Yamanashi

A playful analysis of daily life in Kofu, Japan

(re)semblance is a series of photographs and collages, inspired by and taken from daily life in Kofu, Japan.
It is a playful analysis of everyday settings that are very real and familiar, yet always combined with a slight twist of reality.
I treasure the poetic side of daily scenes and always look for different ways to interpret the things people see on a regular basis and the steps people might have taken a thousand times before, but perhaps not thinking more of it than being mere trivial encounters. Throughout the simple method of collage-making, I give shape to my impressions of life in Kofu city and show the original silhouettes that are hidden in these Japanese daily scenes.



Exhibition (re)semblance:ありふれた甲府でのひらめき on 24 and 25 February 2018 at AIR-Yamanashi.
Photography by Mina Ino
Japanese translation by Izumi Sakamoto and Soul Tashiro