2017    bachelor graduation project

about the power of the cut-out and the playfulness of form and rest form

Cutting with a pair of scissors is a direct and intuitive way to experiment with shape. Behind the simplicity of the cut-out lies a world of fresh and lively forms. It is about finding the immense potential of the intentionally cut form and the residual form or ‘’rest form’’ that simultaneously
appears. Rest form does not mean waste. I consider both parts of the cut-out, its positive and negative shape  – the form and the rest form – as equally valuable. There is an interaction between the two where they influence each other. I was fascinated by the poetic simplicity of the cut-out and the amazing beauty and potential I saw in the forms that appeared while cutting in old newspapers, magazines and advertisements. The cut-out became my platform to play with the perception of the ordinary.

My search of form and rest form is a dynamic design process: by combining the cutting technique with other simple methods such as folding and pasting I constantly transform the shapes, creating an evolutionary chain of new forms while keeping an eye on both form and rest form.

The translations into prints and products are two-dimensional, but contain a hint of something three-dimensional. I try to capture the three-dimensional in something as subtle as pasting various layers of paper onto each other while making a collage and the shadows that appear because of the thickness of the paper layers. But also folding and sewing fabrics to make three-dimensional shapes. Using photography, these 3D features are turned into 2D images. After that a translation to prints and products is made through the usage of digital printing and silk screen printing techniques, making a connection between two-dimensional and three-dimensional. The illusion of three-dimensionality enhances the dynamics of form and rest form.

During this whole process I built a large archive of form, rest form and the various transformations. This archive is my source of inspiration to make collages, prints for various products such as scarves and wallpapers, and also textile designs for bags and clothing.